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  • VOIP Solutions

    VOIP Solutions

    What is VoIP and how does it work? That's a great question! VoIP stands for Voice over IP and it's the new and improved way for phones to work. VoIP is designed to use the latest technology and give you the most advanced features.

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  • Savings


    How much can I expect to save? Most of our customers who switch from traditional phone systems and even those on other modern VoIP systems end up saving a lot. Many end up recommending Clear Choice Technologies to their friends. Find out how we're saving our customers money.

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  • IT Solutions

    IT Solutions

    We create customized, reliable, future-proof solutions for your organization's needs; designed to save you money not only today, but in the future. Your network should be the stable foundation which quietly enables you to grow beyond what you ever thought possible. If your business needs desktops, laptops, servers, internet and phone, or more - we're prepared to give you a plan you can act on.

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  • Carrier Services

    Carrier Services

    Acting as your agent, Clear Choice Technologies provides you full support on your voice, data, and video network services. We make sure that you get optimized performance with your voice and data applications. We make sure that we deliver our best and strive to make our standards even better.

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  • Cable Installation and Removal

    Cable Installation and Removal

    Proper cabling often gets far less importance than it really deserves. Whether you need a new structured cabling installation or cable removal service for your network, you can rely on Clear Choice Technologies to provide the best-structured wiring services at the most affordable prices so that your business is empowered to grow without interruption.

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